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Mother cat not feeding kittens. 5 weeks old, how much do I feed them?

A mother cat I have seems to have stopped feeding her 2 5 week old kittens. or at least, she is not feeding them enough. She's new to having kittens, so I don't know if it is just inexperience or if she's out of milk or what is going on. Needless to say, I've gotten out the eyedropper and milk. How many times daily do I need to feed them? How much should I give them at a time? And which is best to feed them, (for tonight at least, tomorrow I can go to the store), 2 percent milk or condensed milk with vitamin D added? What should I buy them if either of these aren't healthy choices? Any help is greatly appreciated!
Your momma cat has stopped feeding them because they are old enough to be weaned (and she knows this). You can get kitten chow, put it in a bowl, and wet it down with either water or kitten milk replacer. Once they are ready, you can just feed them kitten chow. Make sure they also have plenty of water to drink. Feed them 3 times a day with this mixture.

If you do decide to bottle feed them (I suggest you don't), DON'T give them cow's milk (2% or condensed). It will only give them diarrhea and upset tummies. Give them kitten milk replacer like KMR (I'm not sure what brands are in your area).

Hope this helps and good luck with your adorable kittens!!
kittens are so fukin cute, just wanna pick them up and go oosshyy boosshyy wooosshhyyy
put a syringe an put the milk up. any healthy milk will do and feed then. (i mean the syringe for the medicine to suck the medicine contains) so u will easily feed them
i'm not sure ask a vet though because this also happened to me but when i fed them the wrong stuff all 5 of them died. so ask the vet and don't be clumsy like me!
feed them 3 times daily and i would feed them two eye drop fulls
Kitten formula is what you really need to feed them. KMR is good, or if you can't get to a vet or feed store then go to walmart and get the kitten formula.
Is the momma at least cleaning them? If not you will have to get a damp washcloth and piddle them to make them use the bathroom..that is if they aren't already going by themselves. Just don't do it too much or it will hurt them.
You should probably call the vet to get some really good advice though.

Feed them a few times a day a dropperful at a time.They will pretty much be like a human baby and eat when they are hungry, but sometimes they won't eat and that makes it a little more difficult.And don't lay them on their backs when you feed them..keep them on their tummies as if they are still nursing, otherwise they can drown.(forget the term for it..I think it is otherwords goes down the windpipe instead of feeding tube)
just let them eat as much as they want, and do so three times a day, good luck
Never feed cows milk. It gives them diarrhea. Get Kitten Replacement Milk from a pet store.
At 5 weeks they can start eating cat food. Get canned food and mix it with warm water (or formula) until it is liquid. Rub a little on the kittens mouth and lips, when they lick it off, show them the dish.
They don't really need anymore milk from mama, they will nurse for a little while longer, but this is part of the weaning process.
put 1/2 a bottle and let it eat till it is full
You can go to a pet store, or your veterinarian. There you can purchase a mothers milk supplement for kittens, and a bottle. Just follow the instructions on the can, or ask your vet..or someone knowledgeable in the pet store.
best is to call your local vet. The kittens could be sick or the cat sick. Feline lukemia is to watch for. Good Luck.
Never give puppies or kittens the same kind of milk we drink. There are milk replacers out there for puppies and kittens in the pet section of stores. But at 5 wks old you should be able to make kitten mush for them. Get some canned kitten food, like iams or science diet, take about 1/4 of a can and mix it up with some water so it kinda looks like pudding. Put it on a flat surface like a paper plate or dish and let them have at it. They do make a mess but it is a lot easier then trying to bottle feed a kitten. At first you may have to kinda stick a tiny bit on their nose but once they taste it and figure out where it is at they will have a ball. As far as how often to feed, at this age 3-4 times a day is plenty. If you were to give them milk like we drink, they are going to have horrible diarrhea
Go to any pet shop, feed store or Wal-Mart and get something like Mother's Helper for kittens. You can purchase liquid/powder
formula and tiny bottles also and follow the directions.
about half a bottle and if it wants more after that thangive it more

so just let it eat as much as it wants just dont let it eat to much.
Dont feed Milk. no no no

In fact feeding Milk to some animals will kill them.. Never feed Cows Milk to any animal baby without A VET ok.

Go to Walmart and get KBR or another Kitten replacement formula and a couple of kitten bottles and follow the labels. Not a walmart nut ,,just I know they have it.

It comes in powder or liquid..

Reg Milk will give them the runs and dehydrate them.

Also make sure mom is eating and drinking ok and seems ok.. if not take her to the VET

Using the formula you will not to add vitamins etc.. just formula is good and water of course in a bowl.. though they prob wont drink t yet.hard to say

Here are some links and a few home made recipes for formulas but its best to use the bought stuff if you can do it..

good Luck
kittens are weened at 3 weeks. i would recommend science diet hard kitten food with a little water and microwave it for a few seconds. be sure to check the temperature before you give it to them.

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