Monday, May 24, 2010

My 5 month old kitten has Diarrhoea and wind, that won't go away. does anyone know any treatments?

take a serious look at your kittens diet as it's more than likely this. Don't give it dairy products as this will give your kitten the exact symptoms that you've just described. Make sure that you have yur kitten wormed and vaccinated also. If your kittens still sick, go to the vet asap
A cork - but that is only a stop-gap solution.

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Take it to a vet.
The best course of action is to take the kitten to see the vet - it's the only way you'll get proper diagnosis and treatment that doesn't rely on guesswork or trial and error.
take notice of what you are feeding the kitty..milk is not good for them %26 give them diarrhea (and gas) and it could be the kind of cat food you are feeding - try to upgrade the food. I have had the same problem with a couple of my kitties in the past. As for the advice by many to go to a vet, (I did that all the time when I first was getting into cats and time after time i would get the advice I just shared with you but kept rushing off to the expensive vet visit. Unless, the kitty is warm %26 sweating, dehydrated, look for physical distress symptoms before you go broke at the vets office.good luck. Having a pet is a lot about trial %26 error , that is part of the 'having %26 deciding to take responsibility for a pet' is all about.
Please take your kitty to the vet with a stool sample.
Cornflour, doesn't cure the diorrhoea but thickens it up a bit. About the gas, bag it and use it to fill your lighter.
You can give him/her a little Pepto Bismol. I gave it to my cat when he got sick. If that doesn't work, take him/her to the vet.
take her to the vet it could be serious. it also could be the food ;your feeding her. too much milk could be doing it but she should go the vet. anyway she is old enough to be spayed or neutered if a male.
hiya hun
what food is your cat on? some foods can be to rich
we have had over 30 cats and we found them new homes we dont do it no more due to haveing 2 kids
i would ring a vet if you are worried it could be anything
but try her with new food
do you have a dog? the cat could be eating the dog food
but you need to ring the vet before trying any answers on here
dont give her milk give her water and dont feed her till she has seen the vet
you can feed her a bit if you cant see the vet till tomorrow
do you think she has lost weight? how long has she been like this? is she eating and drinking?
if she has been like this for a while then you need ring the vets asp
Please take your kitten to the vet asap. If the diarrhoea is persistent he could be becoming dehydrated. Don't feed diary products as this could be the cause.
Try not to give the kitten any milk, give water instead. You can get kitten milk from the supermarket in the pet food aisle. Milk usually causes these symptoms. Hope this helps!
You could try with-holding food for 24 hours, this will give the digestive tract a rest and give it a chance to repair itself and then feed a light Chicken, Fish. (You can also get a food call: Feline Sensitivity from your vet, save you having to cook up fresh)Then try introducing the kitten food over a course of say 5 days with the sensitivity or chicken/fish diet.

If the diarrhoea persists or has blood or mucous in it take the kitten to the vet.

The vet may also prescribe a product called Canikur or Pro-Kolin to help the digestive tract.

Best of luck
Try a bucket of water and a good strong usually works !
If you don't have money to take it to the vet try crushing natural b12 vitamins (paper and spoon (1 1/2 pill is fine), and mix really well into egg yolk, a little water and dry cat food. Wait until the cat food is soft, before serving. To pack with even more vitamins, add chewable cat vitamins as well.

When I didn't have any money to take to vet, this remedy helped boost my cats health until I got money to take them to one.
phone up your local vet a.s.a.p, and then in the meanwhile, don't give your young kitten any dairy produce, for example kitten milk in cartons, or cows milk. Leave out wet food, and buy some solid food, asda/ big supermarkets sell kitten biscuits, and just give water to drink. Also, ask your vet whether to buy vitamin supplements, is your kitten eating in a nice, quiet, unhurried place aswell?
Diarrhoea in kittens is never great news they can get dehydrated very quickly. It's probably diet related but you really should take it to the vet for a check up. In the meantime, just give it a very bland diet - a little bit of chopped up chicken or fish. You could even trying putting a small amount of cooked rice down.
what are you feeding it? some cats are very sensitive to the foods they are given. first keep the cat on one good quality cat food,preferably dry, for a couple of weeks. just the one food and water, no treats, no human food, period. if that doesn't work ma bey it has a bacterial imbalance in it's intestines. you can get live acidophiles culture at pet stores or even some feed stores, a little bit of that in everything it eats should help balance the good bacteria in the digestive tract.
My little boy puss was the same.he has chronic diarrhoea from about 3 months until a month ago (he's year old). I wormed him and took a stool sample to the vet, they said nothing was wrong, but he still had it. I have recently stopped feeding him cat food and feed him a combination of chopped beef, kidney, tuna in spring water and chicken (all raw, not mixed together but in the same bowl sometime.) He loves it and has not had diarrhoea since.
Worm him, then get him checked out at the vet first to make sure he doesnt have any parasites and if the vet says he's ok then just feed him good raw meat and dry cat food.
Sometimes a bit of cat grass can help to - you might be able to get it from a nursey - its usually in the herb section.
Hope your little puss gets better!
whatever you do, DO NOT Give your cat human medicine as some idiot above suggested, it could kill it. The only person qualified to give you a diagnosis is a vet, get your cat there straight away.
yes, your vet will have lots of treatments. I should get the kitten to the vet ASAP before it dies from dehydration.
It sounds as though the food you are feeding the little' gas bag' is too rich..wee soul! try a dried food diet.tinned and sachet food can be to rich and can irritate the stomach. avoid all dairy products cats cant tolerate them either especially when young.make sure he/she has plenty water throughout the day.check out a few websites. try the 'cat clinic' - website they are dedicated to cats and are of great help..>^..^%26lt;

my 5 month old female kitten got spayed 3 days ago ..?

my kitten got spayed and they said she had a bad urinary tract infection and gave us amoxicillen for her. i heard female cats can get them all the time. how do i reduce the chance of her getting it and how do i tell when or if she has one again?? i cant tell if there's blood in her box. she keeps peeing a little bit on the floor but i dont see any. thanks.
You need to discuss that with her doctor. Trust me..they will be HAPPY to talk to you about all of this. That's what they're there for. :-)

Not all cases are the same. Bring it up when you take her back in for her follow-up urinalysis. Not all cats with UTI's need a dietary change (only if it's FLUTD.formerly known as FUS.) If the pH is normal and there are no crystals seen in the sediment on her urinalysis recheck, changing her food is not indicated.

C/D is a PRESCRIPTION diet.meaning it can only be recommended/prescribed by a DVM, and only after an examination by that DVM. It shouldn't be fed to kittens that young.

Edited to add: Cats are COMMONLY spayed at 4-5 months of age.and have been for many, many years. (I'll do them as early as 3 months, and the USHS and AVMA have been advocating as early as 8wks for almost 20 yrs.) Spaying her at 5 months was entirely appropriate. If you wait until 6 months, you'll often have an already-pregnant cat.
the best thing you can do is buy her purina one urinary tract formula dry food pretty inexpensive $5 for a 3.5lb bag and if you get her to eat this then she will be fine you can give her a can of wet food once in awhile but at the most once a week and no tuna or milk.the thing you need to watch is high magnesium and the purina one is very low and i had a cat that kept getting urinary tract infections and since he has been on this food he is fine.good luck
Along with her dry food feed her canned as well, make sure she has plenty of fresh clean water available,keep her litter box clean. Urinating outside the litterbox is a good indication that a UTI may be brewing.
Keep giving her the amoxcillian. Bring her back to the vet when the antibiotic is finished. Then the vet can determine if she still has an infection. The way to prevent further urinary tract infections for ALL cats is to feed them food with low magnesium. IAMS is one of the best dry foods with low magnesium. We have six cat kids.four boys and two girls and have been feeding all of them IAMS indoor formula for a year now and IAMS dry food in general for 10 years. These kids of ours are healthy, have beautiful coats, active dispositions and the oldest one, Bubbsy who is almost 11 years old, still plays like a kitten. Be sure to keep plenty of fresh water around the house. We keep two stoneware bowls of fresh water for our babies. I change the water twice daily. Keeping their systems flushed with good water and low magnesium will help their urinary tracts and their health in general. Good luck with your darling!
You could feed your cat a special diet for urinary tract infections. Ask your vet to recommend one and just keep her on it all the time. I recommend c/d by Hills.
If you're worried she might have an infection, you could take a urine sample to the vet so they can perform a urinalysis. You may have to take the litter out of her box and maybe replace it with something that doesn't absorb liquid. Ask your vet if they sell NoSorb litter. Or check at your local pet store.
This is a chronic condition. Check out the website:
Find out the initial cause of this infection.
Making sure she has enough water and perhaps a special diet may be needed.
Urinary tract infections can occur in either sex.
If she is peeing on the floor, the infection is still there.
The anit-biotocs take 5 days to take proper effect, and you must complete the course. When you take her back to the vet to get her stitches out, make sure the vet checks her again for the infection and ask for more anti-biotics to clear up the infection completely
unirary tract infections are most often caused by something in the diet, make sure your kitty eats food with no Ash content in it
and this issue is not limited to females
The fact that you got her spayed should pretty much stop her UTI's. Usually, cats get them due to the excessive cleaning they do when they go into heat as well as when they become seniors. Good luck!
I'm surprised that your vet spayed your cat at 5 months old,
the average is when there six. I would go back to the vet and
ask about a speciall diet for the urinaty tract. That is some
thing you don't want to get out of control, your cat can die
from such a situation. I know i almost lost mine. Special
food formula and medication is what you need them to set
up for you. Hope all works out for you and kitty.
Dont buy purina - purina has crap in it that arent natural to a cats diet - look into Innova - it only has ingredients that are natural - protiens that are natural to a cat.

My 5 month old cat has a "smokers cough" when he wakes up. Is it a hairball or does he have a cold?

Recently he has been waking up and coughing in the morning. Just like a smokers cough where it sounds like he has a cold in his chest or some type of liquid buildup in his lungs. Is it a hairball hes trying to cough up? Is this a sympton of a bigger issue??
I would suggest the vet. 5 months is young and if you recently got him he could have had something that is just now manifesting symptoms. Shelters and rescues have diseases all the time. Some animal breaks with something all the time and no matter how cautious communicable diseases can spread.

Did he have all his rounds of shots? I would seriously have a vet listen to his lung. He is old enough for a rabies vaccine so I would take him in for that. Only a vet can give the shot and they will listen to his internal organs and feel around for anything suspicious.

Kittens rarely get hairballs as they haven't started a full shedding cycle.
hair ball
also it could be the dry food you feed him.
try changing his food..they have dry food for hairballs.
It is possible that he has a cold, but also possible he may have allergies.
it's sick see the vet for treatment
could be either, neither or both!
Hes a smoker.
I have never known it to be a good thing, or even remotely normal for a cat to cough.Get it to a vet.
My cat had a cough and I thought the same thing. When I took her to the vet I found out that due to our recent move and being used to different humidity she developed allergies. You might want to check with your vet to see if this is the case and get some meds to help the cat.
It sounds like a hairball or possibly allergies. To help him with passing hairballs, put a little petroleum jelly on his whiskers; he won't like it, and will lick it off; this helps coat the hairball in his digestive tract, and makes it easier for him to get rid of it. If this doesn't take care of the problem in a few days, it's time to see your vet.

my 5 month old cat bites me all the time and then runs wat should i do?

He/She is just being a kitten. They can be awfully mischievious.
Run after it and bite it back.
gently thump him and say a firm no.. over several attemps it will get the idea it's a kitten thing. just being playful
if a cat bites me im throwin it away 4 sho.
Caution, this can be missunderstood.
The cat is testing the waters.who is in charge. You or the cat. Right now the cat considers you it's equal.
Retaliating is the only answer, but can you do it?
Get on it's level and bite back? It only takes once, and bitten, the cat will realise it is not the boss.
Reccomend declawing first///////////////
let it outgrow being a kitten.the same as you let a baby outgrow being a baby.
it is just doing what kittens do and pleas don't declaw your cat there is no good reason for it that training can not stop
while it IS just being a kitten.. you can take toenail clippers you use for yourself and just take some of the tip off the kittens claws.. keeps him from laying open flesh when he isn't being mean. They can't help it sometimes. MUCH easier and cheaper than declawing! Usually best when he's in a sleepy mood. Start getting him used to that by extending his claws and touching his feet while sleeping.. then the clippers won't scare it.. less likely to run off if they trust you. you could also get another cat.. he'd have someone else to play w/.
Kittens are not much different from babies. I have a 6 week old kitten and need to remind myself of that. Look in your cats mouth, you will notice that not all teeth are there. Like babies, they're teething and feel the need to chew.
Keep a spray bottle of water near by. When your kitten is misbehaving, weather biting on you, or what not, spray him. I do the same with mine, it's starting to have an effect.
Also, like children, try turning their attention to something else. I have a toy called a "teaser" that my kitten loves playing with and chewing on. It's just a bunch of feathers on a stick and she loves it!
For godsakes ..u dont have to do anything ,
its a cat not a tiger.
get a newspaper after it
He / she is just playing. A lot of kittens do that..
A spray bottle of water goes a long way. Even a squirt gun. A few squirts and they get the idea. All I have to do is touch my cats spray bottle and he stops immediately. Doesn't work when he gets curious about my python though, he had to learn that lesson the hard way. Good thing I was there.

My 5 1/2 month old kitten is a very fussy eater, where can I get more of a variety of kitten food?

My 5 1/2 month old kitten, Missy, will only eat two types of kitten food: Salmon %26 Bream or Tuna %26 Chicken.

She will not eat the beef or chicken (or chicken with egg) for some reason.

I want to give her a wider variety of flavours because I don't want her to be a fussy eater when she is older.

She has no problem with eating chicken flavour dry food.

I live in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA (NOT U.S.A). There is only so far I can drive for kitten food.

I am currently feeding her Whiskas wet food and Purina One dry food. Should I try find a better brand of food?

Thanks for everyone's help in advance :)
Any canned food is better than the best dry food. Kibble, even the best kinds, contain grains. Which is a very odd thing for carnivores to eat. Ever see a cat ask for a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast? lol

The kibble/dental connection isn't necessarily true either. It's best to clean your cat's teeth with wipes or by brushing, so there's no need to rely on kibble, which they may swallow whole anyway.

Get her used to canned food now, and you won't have to deal with weaning her off dry food later.

I don't know what brands you might have in Australia, but read the labels. You want to see meat - actual meat - listed at the top. Avoid meal and byproducts. Avoid corn, wheat and soy - they are known to be allergens. Avoid all grains if possible, although if they are not in the top three, and not those listed above, some is ok.

This isn't kitten specific, but you've only got 4.5 months to go anyway. I'm sure you can find good brands for kittens.

And what the person said about variety is true too. One of my cats will eat anything I put down. The other will only eat ONE kind of food. I worried for a while, then realized that for one thing, they don't see the same way we do. Just because it doesn't look good to me doesn't mean anything. Besides that, prior to switching to canned, they ate the same dry kibble daily for a year, so there's no reason to think they're going to get bored with the same canned food.

Below are some links to excellent articles about nutrition.
very easy,i have a cat that more fussy then i finally dun give any food for 2 day..and lock it in kennel..after 2 or 3 day..
I don't think you need to worry about her liking a variety of food. I had a cat
that lived to over 16 years and all she ate was Purina Cat Chow. Dry food
is really good for cats. It keeps their teeth clean. Just make sure you leave
fresh water every day. Canned foods are messy and sometimes cause
crystals in the cat's urine. Stick with the dry food.
Cats are creatures of habit and do NOT like a variety of foods. Select their favorite and stick with it.. humans may think it's boring (not having a variety), but cats do not. They thrive on a stable environment. including what they are going to be fed each day. too many changes in their diet can lead to diarrhea
If she eats the dry kibble with no problem I would not worry about it. She probably just does not like the smell or flavor of the canned food. Most cats are notoriously finicky. Dry kibble is actually better for them. It will help keep their teeth and gums healthy and also, when cats get along on years too much protien can be hard on their kidneys.
I do not know if you have petsmarts there but they have lots of kitty foods.Walmart also has a lot..

my 4yr old cat still suckles both me and my husbands t-shirt, is this normal?

she has done since a young age
Yeah. Baby does that too. He nucks my shoulder in the middle of the night, and purrs so loud he wakes me up! I love it - it's about all the attention I get from the little booger! Most of the time he's so 'big-n-tuff' he ain't got time for mom!
yes he or she is just looking to play with you
actually, its quite a compliment..she identies you as mamma figures, and has you both imprinted on her as such. that means she really loves and trusts you completely.
Most people would not like it, It just something the cat found to do that feals good. Why do you allow it?
He likes warm places to sleep (or comfortable).
We acquired a kitten that had been taken away from its mother when it was too young.
She never quit sucking on any thing or anyone, especially when she was sleeping.
Another kitten we had did so when our other kitten died suddenly.
But he only did it until we got another one and called that kitten his partner in crime.
Both were real goof balls and kept us entertained for many years.
yes it is normal, some cats do some dont, could be the cat was taken away to early from the mom

My 4-month old kitten keeps sucking his tail. Is this normal?

And nothing can stop him from not doing it either. There could be a nuclear war going on and he'd be lying there, content with his tail. Any other kittens do this? And why do they do it?
Some vets believe that sucking is a stress reliever - others think it's just comforting and the cat was taken from the litter too soon. If this activity is causing a medical problem, [i.e. hair-loss or sores],it's probably time for a vet visit- otherwise just consider this to be one of your kitty's endearing quaities!
It must calm him down. Its just like a baby sucking his/her thumb, right? Its okay. Dont worry about it., I have 2 cats of my own :D

lol. just let it be, soon it will grow out of it. just one of those things that are ridiculous like kids do
My miniature schnauzer is 16 months old and sucks on his mothers ears on a regular basis and we can't stop him soo I doubt you can stop a cat from sucking his tail. It must be some sort of security issue and as long as he sdoesn't get any sores from it I wouldn't worry to much . Some kids suck their thumb at night till they are adults go figure. Just let him be him
LOL! =) Been through there. my kitten did the same thing (he would suck the tip of his tail) when he was little and he kept on doing it as a grown cat =) He didn't have any health issues as a result of sucking his tail =)
Better his tail then your ear, hair, or neck. My kitten was weaned to early, so he started sucking on my ear when I would try to sleep. But he has seemed to out grow it, now he just sleep in my hair when I go to bed.
It's normal - it's just comfort behavior, like sucking his thumb. Our oldest cat is well over a year old and she sucks on this particular fuzzy blanket and kneads it at the same time. I love kitties - they're so weird. :-)