Friday, May 21, 2010

Mom cat is suddenly being mean to kitten (5 months). HELP!?

Our cat, Baxter, had kittens in May. We gave 3 of them away and kept one of the girls, Bella, because Baxter loved playing with her. We loved watching them play around 鈥?they seemed to have SOOOO much fun! Baxter was spayed about a month ago. The first 1-2 weeks after her surgery, she was still fine and was playing around with Bella. The past 2 weeks she has been downright mean to the kitten. Anytime Bella even goes near her, she starts snarling at her and/or charges her and bites at her neck. It is definitely not playful activity. Is she just tired of being a mom? Is the kitten too rough? What can we do to make her nicer? I look at her and give her a firm NO and she is definitely watchful of me with her behavior. Or should I just let them have it out? I hate to see her being so mean to her kitten when they used to have so much fun together. And I definitely feel bad for the kitten. Will it get any better? Please help!
she is not being mean, at this point it is not a kitten any more and mom knows it, she is saying Move On, If you are concerned speak with your vet, but this is some times normal, mom has had enough of playing mom,

Another site that might add some insight to what is going on is I hope it is helpful to you, (O:
I can think of two possibilities in light of the fact that I too kept a puppy after giving away others in the litter and I also read that you have got her spayed. First possibility is may be the little one, without meaning to do so, might have scratched the surgery would and thats making momma cat , angry. Second possibility is -if she is feeding the little one and if there isn't sufficient milk to feed, mother animals get mean to the little ones-part frustration-part pain when the little one sucks on a non-yielding teat. Next time when she is mean to the little one watch what happened just PRIOR to that. That will sure give you a clue about the reason for her meanness or angry behaviour.
Is Bella spayed? If not, get than done asap! At five months she is entering sexual maturity. Though spayed now, Baxter still has estrogen in her system. This could all be hormonally driven.

Is the kitten rough? If so, yell at her when she starts to get out of hand. If she doesn't tone it down, remove her and put her in the bathroom or bedroom for one or two minutes.

Praise the cats and give them attention when they are being nice to each other. Not just when they are playing or grooming, but even when they are lying on opposite ends of the couch and not staring at each other. The absence of nastiness is a good thing!
Animals don麓t remember their babies, the kitten is five months old now, to her it is just another cat. she probably prefers to be alone and thinks of the kitten as a pest.
might not be being mean as she just doesnt have the energy to keep up w/ the younger kittie. maybe it will get better when the kitten gets older. good luck
You should take Baxter to the vet to make sure that there isn't anything wrong with her. Maybe she isn't healed from her surgery or maybe the kitten inadvertently hurt her.

I would make sure that Baxter has some "alone" time, maybe she just needs a break from the kitten. Maybe you can separate them when you aren't there to supervise their "play" time.

I had two males that were both fixed and the siamese was really nasty to my little tabby. Since the tabby was a rescue I brought home from the animal hospital I worked for (and only had three legs), I found another home for the siamese.

Usually even if they don't remain best friends, they learn to coexist. Do you have separate litter pans for both of them, that might help also.

Good luck.
I had cats that did the same thing. Yes it will get better, but it will take a while. The mother does this as a way of forcing the kitten to depend on itself instead of her.
My best guess is, now that the kitten is getting older, mom is trying to teach her where she fits in the hierarchy of the "pack". She is trying to show Bella that SHE is below her, and that Baxter has the alpha position over her.

I also suggest you get Bella spayed, if she hasn't been already. It may help.


  1. This is happening to me right now. Momma cat has no tolerance at all. Both are getting Spayed next week. Hopes it gets better.

  2. This is happening to me right now. Momma cat has no tolerance at all. Both are getting Spayed next week. Hopes it gets better.

  3. Why would you spay a kitten before they even get the chance to have a litter of their own? Not only that, but they're too young! It'll just result in them growing up into an adult kitten!